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Welcome to Share Your Message With The World!


About Share Your Message with The World


We started in 2014 with a simple idea: that people could help each other by sharing stories about their lives. Authors who recognized the value of sharing their message with the world helped create Share Your Message with the World together. We have been blessed to be a part of these books which contains such incredible stories recounted from people worldwide. After reading these stories you will be able to step into success and finish your life’s journey. You will also have a better understanding of what you need to do to finally overcome the hurdles in your journey.


People have connected with Share Your Message With The World books profoundly. We get letters and e-mails telling us how a Share Your Message With The World  story or book has changed someone’s life. Share Your Message With The World Vol. I became and International Best Seller within hours of launching on Amazon. We fully expect the same thing to happen with Volume II!


Meet The Compiler


Tony GamboneTony Gambone is truly an authentic leader and connector. Through his everyday actions, Tony confirms the importance of conducting business with integrity and respect for others. This is practical advice for business owners at all levels to follow and put into action, with the ultimate goal of creating lasting relationships and building a sustainable future.”

I decided to collaborate with men and women that I have met through radio interviews from across the country and around the world. It has always been my mission to help others share their stories with you. The benefits of collaboration with such experts has been unbelievable and I hope that you will make a connection with their stories so that it will help you through your own journey.

The first Share Your Message with The World was a huge hit with all audiences so we decided to make a series of the book. There are so many people who have great stories and we are proud to be able to get them published so that you can enjoy them, learn from them and be motivated by them.

If you haven’t read the first copy please do so you will be truly blessed by the stories there. Be looking for Vol. II  with more great inspirational, educational and motivational stories. If you have a story you would like to share with the world please contact us.


The Co-Authors

The fact is these books wouldn’t be the success that they are without all of the co-authors. Please take the time to look at each authors bio page to learn more about them or how you can contact them to get to know them better.