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Alan Simberg, PH.D. , LMFT, LCDC, ACN, CNET


Alan SimbergAlan’s interpersonal and health challenges taught him life lessons he incorporates while working in community agencies, schools, the court system, pain management clinics, drug and alcohol treatment programs, and in his current private practice. His realization of the universal nature of human struggles facilitates his uncovering of the common sense solutions he uses with clients that include practical ways to achieve optimal results. His work with individuals, couples and families provides rich examples that he integrates into his workshops and seminars. These presentations are designed to increase the self-awareness and proficiency of other mental health and addiction professionals.

Alan’s experience as a radio talk show host allows him to follow his lifetime intention to help as many people as possible and to include a complementary rather than a strictly traditional way to see their situations. When interviewing individuals from the health and wellness field he provides a platform for them to spread their message while also giving listeners useful information that could change their lives. His unique approach offers the radio listeners and clients he serves different choices from which they can view and address their daily challenges.

His personal story reveals how his experiences and intuition guided him to face and to overcome his life’s challenges and follow the unfolding of his life’s purpose. Alan shares his story to show people the road map he was given with the hope that each reader will benefit from learning how to see the bigger picture in their lives. Sometimes we learn and grow from hindsight and sometimes we learn and grow as we go through each day. What is important is that we learn how to be more patient and develop our faith as we learn and grow. Inner peace is sure to follow.

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