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Alicia White


Alicia WhiteAs a category creator in the speaking industry, Alicia White, founder of Back of the Room Productions, provides speakers with professionally designed marketing materials and products sure to get the attention of event planners and clients. With vast experience in print media, graphic design, photography, and content creation, Alicia leverages these creative processes to develop high-level design and consistent branding that instantly conveys trust and the like-ability factor for her clients.

Alicia loves gathering ideas from her clients and developing marketing materials that accurately and visually support the client’s brand. From speaker sheets, business cards, postcards, and slide show presentations that get a speaker on stage; to booklets, manuals, and DVDs/CDs that supplement coaching programs; to retractable banners, DVDs/CDs, order forms, and message products needed for back of the room sales, Alicia puts your mind at ease by delivering quality products on time.

Committed to the speaking industry, Alicia serves as the Director of the Public Speakers Association in Plano, Texas and is a Competent Communicator in Toastmasters International. Speaking on “Monetize Your Message,” Alicia shares strategies to speakers on how to maximize profits and lead generation using products at the back of the room. Alicia is co-author of two highly acclaimed books: “25 Brilliant Business Mentors” and “Change Your World.” She is a regular contributor to SpeakerNet News.

Through experiences as founder of two businesses and co-owner of a nationally recognized company, Alicia has considerable knowledge in best business practices. Her enthusiasm for detail and organization and keen ability to build lasting relationships allow for teachable moments to business professionals. Alicia strengthens her leadership abilities by participating in non-profit organizations and her local community.

In her spare time, Alicia photographs riveting wildlife and stunning landscapes on yearly visits to National Parks such as Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. Alicia serves as a volunteer for a Texas-based fire department, photographing the raw bravery of firefighters. Many of her photos have been published.


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