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Becky Lynn Smith


Becky Lynn SmithWhat’s it like to be known as an inspirational leader with a high-performing team making a meaningful and significant impact in the world?

That is what Becky Smith does. She is fiercely committed to helping purpose driven leaders achieve extraordinary levels of success and happiness by showing them how to get breakthrough results from their teams. Her smart and level-headed style, coupled with an intuitive sense about people, causes Becky to be a sought after consultant to business leaders, professionals, and executives as well as to executive and non-profit boards in transition.

Becky shows purpose driven leaders how to get breakthrough results from their teams. She believes the secret of a leader’s ability to make a big difference in the world is through their ability to assemble and motivate a high-impact team.

After working as an IT leader for world-class organizations, running multi-million dollar projects, coaching small business owners, and gaining experience in multiple industries including information technology, banking, investments, energy, marketing, healthcare, and automotive distribution, Becky founded Accelerate IMPACT Teams, LLC to help business leaders who are passionate about what they are doing – those business leaders who are motivated by something greater than themselves and propelled to make a difference in the world.

Becky is a champion for leaders who are striving to make an impact and need to get extraordinary results from their teams. Becky works with the leader and their teams to get people engaged in the dream, improve communication and understanding, and solve current issues. The leaders Becky works with are viewed as successful leaders, but just need a little help getting everyone pulling together to achieve the desired results. While working with Becky, leaders are able to get to the next level through improved team results. They are also less stressed, more focused, and happier because they are finally able to see the results of their efforts.

Leaders seek out Becky to help them develop strategy, solve challenging issues, organize team structure, set challenging goals, create workable action plans, improve team communication and engagement, and help them hold their teams accountable for achieving results.

How Becky’s experience and qualifications can help you

Increasing revenue, completing important projects, improving communications, solving challenging issues, improving professional and personal relationships, and getting people engaged in your mission are what Becky is all about. With keen insight, integrity, and enthusiasm she helps executives, professionals, and business owners become exceptional leaders.

Becky’s experience with teams

Becky has found success building and motivating successful project teams and working with corporate and business leaders to solve their unique challenges. She learned to ask good questions and listen intently to their issues in order to develop solutions to fit their needs. Becky became known for challenging her team members to accomplish even more than they thought they could. Becky has an intuitive ability to see the uniqueness in every individual and has learned to create the environment where her teams will succeed. She translates her experience and strengths into breakthrough results for her clients and their teams.

In both high school and college, Becky was the “natural leader” for all team-based projects. At Exxon, she quickly moved from a programming role into a team lead and project management role. At AIM investments, Becky streamlined the development process to create and deploy the company’s websites. This process was used to deliver complex financial applications for over 40 company websites. She was voted MVP twice by her peers.

At Gulf States Toyota, Becky gained a reputation for project delivery. Her team successfully delivered a $10 million mainframe renovation project with a forty-member project team consisting of consultants, employees, and an international vendor team. The successful delivery of this project resulted in Becky’s promotion to Director of Applications. Under her leadership, Becky implemented a project management office

(PMO) and a portfolio management process that resulted in delivery of over 100 projects in just three years.

After leaving Gulf States Toyota, Becky purchased a business coaching franchise and started her own business. She helped business owners achieve more revenue and less stress while improving work-life balance. While working as a business coach, Becky discovered that her true passion is teaching workshops, conducting business leader round tables, leading mastermind groups, and facilitating leadership teams. This passion forms the foundation of her current business where she helps business leaders and their teams create breakthrough results.

Becky completed her BBA in Management Information Systems at Texas Tech University in 1990 and her MBA at the University of Houston in 1998. Becky obtained her Project Management Professional (PMP) designation from the Project Management Institute in 1998. Becky is currently enrolled in the Organizational Leadership with Emphasis in Organizational Development program at Grand Canyon University and expects to complete her dissertation and earn her Doctor of Education (Ed.D) in 2015.

Becky is the author of an article published on entitled, “Don’t Promote Employees Just to Fire Them.” She offers training and consulting for leaders and their teams, and is available to speak to groups with her signature presentation, “Accelerate IMPACT: How to Get Breakthrough Results From Your Team.”

Today, using her signature Accelerate IMPACT Team Breakthrough Process, Becky helps her clients become the inspiring and successful leaders they are meant to be and helps their teams deliver breakthrough results.