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Belanie Dishong



6x9_perfectbound_bookBelanie Dishong, Founder and CEO of Live At Choice, Live At Choice Media and the Starfisher Academy of Coaches, ( is author, keynote speaker, course leader, personal coach and radio talk show host. In 1993, Belanie introduced a proven process that leads participants to critical self-discovery, helps them transform their beliefs and leads them to the realization they can make new choices for success. This process is the basis for the training program, Beyond Circumstances Workshop, and the foundation for all Live at Choice programs.

In 2005 Belanie expanded her methodology, creating new programs—Mastery of the Script and Unpainted Picture. Through her courses, Belanie helps others achieve extraordinary lives. Her ability to connect people’s mind with their heart breaks through barriers that inhibit one from living their greatness. She is known for her intuition and the ways that she impacts the lives of people of all ages. Belanie is recognized for her work in restoring families, relationships, and personal effectiveness. She teaches her participants how to take an idea, a desire, or a dream, become free of their limitations, and reach their sought after goals.

The community recognizes Belanie’s work and her strong commitment to provide access to the Deaf, which has enabled her to develop a team of American Sign Language interpreter’s, trained and skilled in interpreting her courses and coaching. Belanie’s work enriches the lives of Deaf participants who otherwise would have no access to these transformational programs. Because of her success within the Deaf communities, Belanie had the privilege to provide her courses at Gallaudet University for the Deaf in Washington, DC.

“Things weren’t always easy for me,” says Belanie. “I came through some hard life challenges, defeats, and tragedies before I could see what was necessary to change my own life. Through my discoveries and the personal application of what I discovered, I created the life that I now know and live as my passion and my purpose.”

Belanie’s Philanthropic Works
• eWomenNetwork Foundation -
• The Living Forward Alliance –
• Deaf Hope

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