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Carolyn Sinclair



Carolyn-Sinclair-1024x683Carolyn Sinclair  graduated UofH D with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics. She’s been a business woman and entrepreneur. Although her background is analytical and scientific in nature, she easily bridges the gap between science and the esoteric.

For over two decades  Carolyn has studied and practiced with  Asian masters. She’s attended months of retreats and traveled to China three times.  She has practiced and  taught Tai Chi, qigong, walking and sitting meditation, given talks, seminars and been featured on  Radio and TV. 

Carolyn began practicing Walking Meditation (WM) which is an Awareness or  Mindfulness based meditation in 2000.  She has accumulated well over 3000 hours of  WM practice.  Ove the years she has also attended  many months of retreats.  This experience has given her deep insight and understanding into the many mysteries and benefits of this simple yet profound meditative form.

As Carolyn began to practice WM she found it to be, practical, easy and yet, had the most profound impact on her health, vitality, and overall well being.  She noticed she was  happier, more relaxed, less stressed, more adaptable and resilient to change, more innately confident  as well as  her vitality and overall health improving.  One of he most remarkable observations was that she was beginning to understand herself, her motivations behind behaviors which provides valuable insight into understanding others.  As her insight and understanding deepened she began to understand   the nature of  our  “thinking” mind, how it works esotecrically and how it can hijack our  our peace,  happiness and  health.   As a result this  deep, direct, and personal experience Carolyn  became convinced of it’s profound benefit  for humanity and she began sharing this special gift with others.

It is Carolyn’s hope to inspire people to learn WM as part of a holistic approach to reducing stress, living healthier, happier more peaceful and zest filled lives.


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