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Dawn DePasquale, LMHC


Dawn DePasqualeAnyone can give you therapy, but can someone actually help you to really learn to love your life again? That’s exactly what Dawn DePasquale does every day with her clinical team as the founder, CEO, and Clinical Director of Bell Mental Health Associates. Her personal philosophy is that everyone is an individual needing specific care tailored to their current needs, wants, and hopes. As part of her ongoing campaign to end the stigma of mental health disorder, Dawn carefully cultivates an environment of safety and ease within her clinic and is passionate about her work in the community, providing free mental health seminars regularly. She also volunteers her time as a mental health expert for local and internet radio and composes several blogs. She recently began writing Ask Dawn, a mental health advice blog for, in addition to her other blog containing mental health tips, The Comfy Couch. She also contributes weekly to the website as their Mental Health Expert, Divorce Expert, and Parenting Expert, respectively.

Dawn DePasquale is a licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology through the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, a program approved by the American Psychological Association (APA). She has worked in the Mental Health field since 2000, and her training and experience include one-on-one treatment as well as family, couples, and group therapy with both children and adults. Her focus is on the wellness of the entire person, not just the “presenting problem.”

Dawn recently began the first leg of a national anxiety seminar entitled, Taming the Dragon: Interventions for Generalized Anxiety & Panic Disorders, an informative, hands-on seminar that uses a combination of therapeutic approaches to obliterate anxiety at its source for good. Her passion for life and helping ease the pain of others has allowed her to work with amazing groups of people to realize their dreams and begin loving their lives again. Dawn is also in the process of presenting her remarkably effective anxiety techniques in two books, “Bats in the Belly”, an anxiety book for children, and “A Year of Fear: How to Embrace Your Fears and Live Your Best Life,” a self-help book for adults.

When not saving the world from the crushing specter of mental health, Dawn is active in the community as a teacher and activist. Her favorite job is being the doting mother of a six year-old spitfire named Layla and reading vociferous amounts of comic books.