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Holly E. Thompson


Holly E. ThompsonPresident / CEO,

Financial Planner / Financial Analyst, Thompson Wealth Management
Holly Thompson founded TWM Today to assist clients in reaching their life goals by providing objective financial guidance. Thompson Wealth Management is a fee-only financial advisory firm. We work solely for you and receive no commissions or compensation from any other source. This eliminates conflicts of interest and allows us to recommend the most cost-effective strategies to meet your needs.

Holly has been active in the investment industry for 25 years as an analyst where her specialties include in-depth research of investments, investment strategies retirement planning, wealth management, equities, ETFs, mutual funds and REITs. Prior to founding TWMToday in 2009, she was an SEC-registered Portfolio Manager for a firm in Houston, Texas where she managed $100MM+ AUM.

A native of Texas, Holly earned her degree in Business Administration from The University of Texas and her Master of Business Administration from Harvard University (2015). When not working or furthering her education, she devotes a considerable amount of her time to various professional and non-profit organizations. Holly has been a regular contributor for Seeking Alpha since 2011 and a blogger for The Motley Fool since April of 2013 and a World Contributor for She is also a long-standing member of American Mensa as well as the 2013-2014 Vice President of Gulf Coast Mensa. Holly is also Gulf Coast Mensa’s Fundraising Chair and has been integral in creating new and innovative scholarship opportunities for students in the region.

Holly also serves as the host of the upcoming MONEY-fax show, a weekly radio/podcast program accessible worldwide. The show will focus on personal finance, investing, college savings and retirement planning geared for the public. The show is directly linked to Holly’s latest project,, an education website tailored for the individual investor.

“I highly recommend Holly Thompson. I have personally known and been associated with Holly for over 25 years. She has the highest morals and ethics of anyone you could be associated with. Holly is a money making machine! I feel lucky and privileged to do business with her and be associated with her. She is kind, friendly, caring, knowledgeable and incredibly smart. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will find it and get it to you ASAP. I would give her the highest recommendation you could ever give a friend and advisor.” – Jonathan Fowler, Production Manager/Business Development

Holly E. Thompson

Thompson Wealth Management