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Kristine Huynh


Kristine HuynhUntil age 23, Kristine Huynh wandered through life lost, confused and had no idea what she wanted to do. She tinkered in many career opportunities but it wasn’t until she was introduced to Zen Meditation that her life finally started to make sense.

All throughout her life she wanted to be happy and to help those around her live happy. However, the reality was that unknowingly her methods of seeking happiness created more struggle, more conflict, and more confusion, especially in family relationships. This caused more distance and misunderstandings at home day by day.

As she started to learn about the true meaning of meditation her Zen teacher at Universal Door Meditation Center guided her to see a big missing piece; the answer to all of her problems could only be found from looking within.

Not long after she started her inner journey she realized that what she understood and practiced from her Zen teacher truly saved her life. It also allowed her to touch with a new kind of happiness she never knew existed. Her life went from having daily relationship struggles to ease and true happiness. Confusion changed to clarity and decisions were a lot easier to make. In many ways life became open, meaningful, and harmonious.

After seeing her own life transform so much, Kristine wanted to share this practice to as many people as she could. The more she interacted with people, the more she saw that many others had similar struggles and stress in everyday life. She encountered many people who were living with irritation, worry, fear, sadness, and anxiety on a day to day basis because of situations that would occur in life. She saw they turned to anti-depressants, drugs, alcohol, food or other unhealthy habits making their situations even worse. With each passing day and without someone to introduce a practical solution, they would eventually give up on life, which not only affected them but their loved ones as well. Seeing this, she wanted to share her story to let people know that there is a solution through meditation. Not just a “band-aid” solution or something that temporarily hides the problem, but a true solution, one that gets to the core of the problem.

Everyday Kristine is filled with excitement knowing that people don’t have to struggle and live with conflict if only they knew how to get to the root of all their problems. There is a way, a direct path or roadmap to get to that place of true happiness that everyone is looking for.

Kristine started to think about how to introduce meditation to others. Knowing this was new and unfamiliar to people, she felt the easiest way to start was through something most people were interested in… wellness/nutrition. In 2012, she became certified as a health and wellness coach with IIN, The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, the world’s largest nutrition school. Working from the outside in, she started with her clients concerns about nutrition and weight loss. She helped them look deeper and get to the core of the their problem, which resulted in a paradigm shift; they began addressing their problems from the inside out through meditation. The results were overwhelmingly positive, long lasting, and life changing.

Now her life purpose is to help people wake up from their mistakes, misunderstandings, struggles, and conflicts in order to transform their old habits and live truly happy in everyday life. The more they turn on their inner light of wisdom, the more success and true happiness they will have in all areas of life.

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