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Lia V. Mote


Lia V. Mote_v2Lia immigrated to Houston, Texas from Athens, Greece in 1969. English was her second language. Advocating and speaking on behalf of others was her calling from a young age. Lia spoke and interpreted on behalf of her parents to negotiate with clerks, service providers and vendors for routine situations that most adults typically handle as a child. She learned how to overcome her fear and how to make herself understandable. She became adept at rading non-verbals and other communication compornents to become an effective communicor as a child and as an adult. She is a curious observer and thinker who seeks solutions to improve obstacles and dilemnas.

In college Lia found her place as a member of the nationally ranked inter-collegiate debate team. Debate awakened her love of speaking and persuasion, and Lia switched her degree plan from Accounting to Public Speaking. Graduate school fine-tuned her training in understanding human motivation and the craft of communicating through story by completing a Masters in Dramatic Production. The combination of rhetoric, persuasion, and theater continues to provide Lia unique tools, insight and skill when working with her coaching clients

She is known for providing dynamic, and relevant solutions, to her clients. Her passion for the process of communication and its life-changing impact is both inspiring and contagious. She holds degrees in Public Speaking and Theatre, has over 23 plus years of experience in key industries such as higher education, securities, sales and commercial real estate along with her private consulting firm, provide a reservoir of expertise which she applies to her work as a speaker, coach or strategist.

“One day we will have to speak up front” – Lia’s Accerlerated Speech Coaching Program.
She is a Speech Coach to Speakers, Professionals and Executives.
Lia is a professional speaker and speaks to organizations, companies and conferences focusing on getting down to the core of your communication, handling change, and setting the right course and culture for your firm.
Lia also consults on a limited basis on message strategy for firms looking to establish their identity and brand through their marketing and messaging.
Lia presents a variety of hands –on workshops: She calls the Modern Mythoogy.
Her workshops include:
Marketing Myths Made Clear, Communication Myths Made Clear and Message Matters
Visit Lia’s website at

Or on social media including, Facebook, LV Mote Consulting,
Twitter:LVMote or
Linked In Lia V Mote
You can reach her by email at
Lia writes blogs on marketing, communication, perception and true leadership.
Professional Experience:
Leslie Advertising – Advertising, Marketing, Public Relation
Norrell Services – Human Resources, Client Services
Colleges and Universities as Public Speaking College Instructor/Consultant
Global Planning, Inc. – marketing, Seminar Creation, Seminar Presentation, Securities Sales and Investment Advising
Hines Interests Limited Partnership – Commercial Property Management
Grubb & Ellis Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Client Services, Analysis, Public Relations
Hill Country Christian School – Marketing and Communications
Mosaic Arts Group – Non profit management and networking/marketing
LV Mote Consulting Group – Communications and Messaging Consulting
Lia Speaks, Inc. – Professional Speaker
Speaking Experience:
Lia has spoken on behalf of state and county officials
A surrogate speaker for State and Congressional candidates running for office
She is often the key speaker for Fund Raising Events,
She leads Board Retreats and Strategy Sessions
She Speaks as a keynote speaker for organizations and associations
She is a conference and break out speaker
She has presented seminars on industry-specific topics as well as more general topics
She coaches executives and key leaders to command respect and initiate belief change or action from their audiences
BA in Public Speaking
MA in Dramatic Production
Coursework towards MBA
Securities License
Insurance License
National Speakers Association Academy