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Michiel Rorick


Michiel RorickDr. Rorick has been in practice for over 30 years. He has spent the length of his career studying and specializing in diagnosing over-looked findings. He is able to obtain true results and solutions for patients by treating the body as a group of systems that need to work together instead of trouble shooting with guesses and general prescribing of medications. His passion, continuous education and highest technology used in his office have made him a highly respected wellness doctor in the greater Houston area.

Dr. Rorick’s words are, “Patients come to me in pain or suffering with something that is affecting their life negatively. My purpose is to get them their quality life back and to educate them to keep it that way. Every patient knows they have my full commitment to do everything in my power to help them reach their health goals.”

Dr. Michiel Rorick, D.C.
Houston Health and Wellness
2550 Gray Falls Dr. Suite #120
Houston, TX 77077
Office: 281-496-3355