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Mike Calderwood


Mike CalderwoodFounded by Mike Calderwood, Thrive Business Center is an organization created to educate and support small business owners who are burned out, spinning their wheels and don’t know what to do next. Michael brings nearly two decades of practical experience to the table, to help them fix what is not working in their business and create sustainable, profitable and thriving enterprises.

Before founding Thrive Business Center, Mike was a serial entrepreneur for nearly twenty years. During that time he built dozens of businesses in many different industries, from home inspections to health and wellness to children’s entertainment. Some of these ventures were extremely successful, some less so, but building these businesses from scratch taught him exactly what it takes to make a small business thrive.

After his latest venture, he decided that instead of building another business, he wanted to help other entrepreneurs get their own thriving enterprises off the ground. In 2012, he received his professional coaching certification from the world-class Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and founded Thrive Business Center, an organization dedicated to helping small businesses thrive.

Mike resides in Katy, Texas with his wife and their two children. In his spare time he enjoys photography, youth sports, family time and travel.

Mike is dedicated to your success – Through his proven educational programs, public speaking and 1-on-1 coaching – he delivers real world results.

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Reach Mike directly:
• Call or Text 832-746-7470