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Become Part of this Amazing Volume of Books!!

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Have you ever said, “One day I’m going to write a book!”? The truth is that a book is one of the very best tools for growing your visibility and therefore your business.

This is your CHANCE to be an International Best-Selling Co-Author by joining the 3rd edition of the Best-seller, Share Your Message with The World.

What Share Your Message With The World Vol I Authors had to say about collaborating in this book:

Being a part of this group of authors and becoming a published author was truly an amazing experience.  Through this adventure I have received more speaking engagements, increased opportunities to blog and write articles as an expert in my industry and more people reaching out to me on LinkedIn to work on Joint Ventures.  There was one amazing benefit that truly amazed me in this journey and that was the other authors.  They have opened up my ability to network in areas that I never expected.  They have been able to provide insight and accountability as well as opening up areas that I never thought possible.  By using this unique way to brand myself I have opened up new opportunities. ~Tami Neumann
Life Changing Decision– and NOT Just Because of Becoming an International Best Selling Author!

Apart from the once in a lifetime opportunity to become an internationally  published best selling author overnight, which really did happen, participating in Share Your Message With the World with Tony Gambone and 27 other fabulous authors has meant so much to me. First, Tony Gambone put together a team of individuals who all had a unique perspective and contribution to the book. Tony personally talked to each author and sampled their writing before he allowed them into the book. This ensured that the whole book would be something we could all be proud of for years to come. Second, because of the quality of writing and the unique stories captured in Share Your Message with the World, I have always been proud to share it with others. Third, and this one was the hidden bonus I could have never dreamed of – I was introduced to some amazing generous individuals with whom I have remained in contact with and with whom I have gone on to share business, offer support, and all of whom have basically “shown up” to any call for help from any of the other authors as we have moved beyond Share Your Message to our own personal projects.

I cannot write a testimonial that is glowing enough about the whole experience. I also cannot write a testimonial without also mentioning my gratitude to Tami Neumann, Regina Rowley, Tony and Wendy Gambone, and Corey Poirier for their ongoing support, encouragement, and offers for interviews, and to write testimonials when my own book, Designing Your Ideal Life, launched this year. Share Your Message With the World unlocked for me a passion for writing which led me to write my own book.  The experience has shown me what true compassion and giving can mean when a group of strangers band together to create something unique – and I do not mean just the book.  If you are toying with the idea of writing a book, and have the opportunity to participate in a compilation book, I highly recommend the experience.  If you are as lucky as I was, you will not only get to participate in an international best seller, you will have the opportunity to change your life in ways you cannot even dream of. ~Becky Smith

Catapult your Visibility and Growth!


Share Your Message with the World 2nd edition! Join me, Tony Gambone, as a co-author in this new book.  You will finally get the chance to share your story and write a book.

This is more than just a book. This is THE KEY to growing your business through a proven multimedia marketing platform! The spotlight will shine on you in ways you could never achieve on your own. It’s time to GROW and BE VISIBLE! And we will help you to GET IT DONE!

The impact of the first and second Share Your Message with the World was hugely successful for EVERY co-author involved. That is why I am so excited about inviting you to write for Volume III.

“We make it easy for you to tell your story and become a best-selling author in a fast and cost-efficient way.”

Each co-author is carefully selected for their specialty, their mission and their vision.


YOU can become a published author in a few short months…

  • Without spending countless hours of planning, writing and re-writing.

  • Without spending tens of thousands of dollars in design, editing and publishing costs.

  • Without spending hours of time learning how to market your book.


We’re gathering a select group of amazing people from all walks of life to share their stories in this anthology book, and YOU are invited to participate!

You are already making a unique and meaningful contribution through your work, your relationships and your actions – why not exponentially multiply your reach by being part of a team of people who are doing it too?

As you come together with other co-authors to share your message you will be contributing to the well being of others. That’s right; your chapter will enhance or inspire the lives of all people who read it and the people they share it with.


In case you’re still wondering why YOU should be a published author, here are just a few more reasons:


•Reach more people with your message

•Business growth and increased sales

•More and better speaking engagements

•Your book positions you as an expert in your field

•A book is a great marketing tool

•Public accolades and acknowledgment from your peers

•Money from book sales


Today I can tell you that there is no better tool out there to build your business and to make your dream come true. Being published is in itself an achievement but becoming an International Best Seller…… well, that is the icing on the cake…

Here are some of the benefits of this compilation:

1. It will be print on demand. This means that you won’t have to buy 100 books…just buy what you want when you want – absolutely no obligation.

2. We will create a Virtual launch to take us to the Best-Seller list.

3. We will benefit from a special YouTube channel to showcase all the participants.

4. The book will be around forever and will also be offered through Amazon.

5. A special website will be created online to feature the book, and each co-author will have their own dedicated biography page, so they’ll be fully showcased to the absolute max!

6. I will feature you on my radio shows. You will be showcased as a leading expert. Talk about major visibility!

7. An Instant Team of partners will be selling and distributing your book!

8. Most Important … YOU become a Published Author!



Take action now and begin the journey to Share Your Message with the World and catapult your Growth & Visibility!


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