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Rita Olufowoshe


Rita OlufowosheRita Olufowoshe, owner, Center for Aesthetics and Wellness Spa

You should know a little about the person who will lead you on this health and wellness journey. I am Rita Olufowoshe, born at Ihelame, Jagbe – Etsako West Local Government area in Edo State, Nigeria. I am from the Afongie family (King Maker family) paternal side and Oghotue family (house of respect and honor) maternal side. I grew up in a Muslim family where I was taught peace, respect, love, care, and serving one another. These values I hold dear to my heart, as they have seen me through all the storms of life. I am also from a family of healers. As a little girl growing up in a third world country in West Africa, I watched my mother care for and deliver the babies of expecting mothers in our house. I farmed and sold produce with my mother to afford school. As poor as my parents were, education was a guarantee. I had a dream as a child about flying in the air and saving people. My mother’s interpretation was, “that I would travel far and wide helping people.” The dream makes sense to me today, nearly 40 years later. Thanks to hard work and scholarship awards for academic excellence, I completed my first degree in business administration and management in Nigeria. Now I have a degree in Business Administration, Masters in Health Administration Gerontology and currently completing Personal Trainer Certification.

I am married to my college sweetheart, Akin. We have been friends for 28 years and married for about 26. It was love at first sight. When I was in the college student union as vice president, he was a senator. We are blessed with two sons, Abayomi a Geologist, a Longhorn and currently working, and Damilola who is completing his master’s degree in Architecture at UCLA.

My journey into spa and wellness services began in 1988 after the birth of our first son. Akin and I decided that I would be a homemaker, which was a life changing experience. As the first child, I was expected to financially support my siblings through school. The decision was a blessing in disguise as it helped me to explore my passion for caring and serving others and lead me to the start of my first business in 1992 after apprenticing at a beauty salon for three years.
I am grateful to my husband who turned my childhood dream of flying in the air into flying almost all over the world! We have travelled from a little town in West Africa to Europe, then to the Middle East and Canada, and now The United States. And, to my sons, thank you, Abayomi, for leading me to Christ and Damilola for your sweet compassionate words of wisdom during my time of tribulations. I am proud of my boys! No marriage is 100 percent perfect. It is for the good, the bad, and the ugly, and I would have it no other way. My motivations are love, patience, caring, understanding, respect, and compassionate heart, and God’s wisdom.

The opportunities of extensive traveling, education, and experiences with the people I’ve met on my journey have given me a big heart to continue to search for peace, respect, love, compassion, and to do unto others, as I would like others to do unto me.

My passion for caring about and making a difference in people’s skin, health, and wellness led to the creation of Center for Aesthetics and Wellness Spa (De Premier Spa). Center for Aesthetics and Wellness Spa, LLC provides care, support, and education for men and women who choose to take the necessary steps towards securing optimal health and wellness for later days of life.

I believe in giving back to the community through volunteer programs – providing spa and massage services to senior’s homes, churches, hospitals, veterans and teachers. My latest charitable contribution to the community was a massage therapy service for Ride2Recovering Veterans.

It is truly my passion and life’s purpose to guide others toward feeling and looking well and healthy from inside out for many years to come.


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