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Steven E. Ankerstar


Steven-AnkerstarSteven E. Ankerstar is the owner and founder of Afterburner Financial, LLC.—a financial services firm based in Round Rock, Texas. As such, Mr Ankerstar is a dynamic and high-energy executive leader specializing in private wealth management and financial planning. He utilizes high-tech portfolio management and financial planning software to provide individuals with a crystal clear assessment of where they are as well as providing them with a tailored flight plan to achieve their financial goals. As a retired Air Force officer, Steve’s global security experience includes guiding complex operations, building key relationships, and fostering team development, proven through twenty years of success as an F-15C Eagle and F-117 Stealth Fighter pilot in the US Air Force. Mr Ankerstar served and defended this country for over 20 years and now he serves his clients and defends them against future threats to their financial well-being. He is dedicated to providing affordable wealth care with focused financial planning and specialized portfolio management to secure a stress-free retirement for his clients.  

Mr Ankerstar founded Afterburner Financial under four core beliefs–Honesty, Integrity, Hard Work, and Discipline.  The same four principles that guided him through his career as an Air Force fighter pilot now serve as the core foundation for Afterburner Financial.  These four guiding principles ensure that current and potential Afterburner Financial client’s know that their relationship with their fee-only advisor will be based on an honest assessment of their financial situation, an unbiased recommendation of the best financial instruments to achieve the client’s financial objectives, and trust that both the client and advisor can communicate freely and transparently without fear of any hidden agenda. 

Steve’s academic credentials include a bachelor’s degree and three masters’ degrees. In addition, Steve is currently a third year doctoral candidate pursuing his PhD in Business. Steve’s published thesis, Beyond Centralized Control and Decentralized Execution, is available on Amazon.  Also, Steve was the a featured speaker for the MENSA Annual Gathering on July 4, 2015, detailing his experience dropping the first bomb of the “Shock and Awe” campaign over Iraq in 2003.  He is a life member of both MENSA and the US Chess Federation as well as a “Featured Speaker” with the Public Speakers Association.  Steve can be booked for public speaking engagements through his website: 


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