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 Share Your Message with the World is an International BEST Seller!



Authors who recognized the value of sharing their message with the world helped create Share Your Message with the World together. I have been blessed to be a part of this book which contains such incredible stories recounted from people worldwide. One thing I can say is that after reading these stories you will be able to step into success and finish your life’s journey. You will also have a better understanding of what you need to do to finally overcome the hurdles in your journey.


The Reviews are in and People LOVE it!!


“This book is a diverse collection of stories that will warm your heart and inspire your soul. I felt like I could hear the authors sharing their pains and triumphs, their battles and victories, and their passion to make a difference in this world.” ~ K.C.

“This is a Must Read! The personal stories of these Authors is one of Hope and Determination and the best part; SUCCESS! I enjoyed reading the individual stories and in each case seeing how the difficult situations are the ones that bring us the most beautiful gifts. Thanks to All the Authors for Sharing!”  ~ Debbie

“I Totally Love It! This book gives a gripping message of hope from all the authors: Thanks Craig Rhodes “Never give up on your dreams” Offers a powerful life lesson about how one person dreams can impact the lives of many. He immediately drew me into his story, full of love, life and hope for entrepreneurs who have a dream. It is smartly written and it’s a good read. Thanks, my take away from this message is: Having a dream is the key. “Change the way you think, change your life” “You have to believe in yourself first, before anyone else will believe in you”. ~ Deborah Banks

“This book is far more than a collection of stories. It is a gift! Wonderful gems of stories that will inspire you to live and share your own. Sandy Lawrence, one of the contributing authors shares her story: From Sandra to Sandy and Beyond, the Journey of a Lifetime! Sandy’s story demonstrates that how others see us begins with how we see ourselves. What a difference even a small shift can make in the contribution we make to the world. Highly recommend this collection of inspirational stories.” ~ Kathi Laughman

“This book is excellent for all authors to read! It inspires others by reading about other authors who are willingly and candidly sharing their personal stories. The chapter written by Dr. Alan Simberg was especially well written and informative. In meeting with the theme of the book he shares how his own background, and influences has shaped his career choices. It was definitely something I could relate to. It gave me time to reflect on how my own experiences has made me the person I am in my own career path. I think this is a well written anthology of stories and personal anecdotes. I would not hesitate to recommend this book.” ~ Sharon Hollander



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