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Vickey Wachtel


Vickey-WachtelA born treasure hunter with a gypsy soul I dreamed of faraway places I would go to as a child. Walking barefoot most days except when I was lucky enough to go to the city dump with my grandpa, you had to wear shoes there.  I loved digging through the tossed items looking for treasure and on some days we did find some, like the day grandpa found a brand new watch from the local jewelry store’s trash. 

Little did I know that later I would be digging through treasures I would find in the small stalls and shops in Jakarta Indonesia, Karachi and Islamabad Pakistan or the Blue Suk’s of Sharjah in the UAE.  Or that one day I would be standing in front of the Sphinx then yelling at a local who was smoking in a tomb and cared so little for the fact that it was still there.  Not even in my daydreams did I see myself walking the streets of Katmandu and get blessed by a Hindu priest who put red paint on my forehead and the top of my head gave me a dead flower and just smiled at me.  I walked blisters on my feet in Rome, sat on stone seats in Pompeii and marveled at what was left and what was gone.  I cried at the feet of David and wanted so badly to be able to go back in time for just one moment to be there and watch his creation.  I have walked the beaches of Honolulu, Perth, Bali, Penang, and Phuket, Singapore and rode the streetcars of San Francisco. 

Through all this there has been one man by my side, Norman, we met just a few months after I turned 17 and we have been together since.  I told my mother that first night we went out and he kissed me that we would marry him.  There was never a doubt in my mind I would spend the rest of my life with him and what a wonderful life it has been.  We have three daughters and 10 grandchildren.   

I believe dreams come true and it doesn’t hurt when you have a spouse that lets you dream.  I dreamed of being a REALTOR and one day owning my own brokerage so at the sweet young age of 51 I got my license and 3 years later opened Imagine Realty International a place where our motto is “Making Dreams Come True” for our clients and our agents too.  Today we have 27 agents and 2 Broker associates and this is only the beginning…..stay tuned. 


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