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Share Your Message with the World started out as an idea of how I could get everyone to share his or her stories. Volume I was such a success and the stories were so inspiring that I decided to make Share Your Message with The World a series. I received many e-mails and phone calls from people telling me how inspired and motivated they were reading the stories in Share Your Message with the World. In Volume II the stories are just as inspirational, educational and informational.

I am a BIG believer that no one cares anything about what you’re selling, offering or providing until they know more about you. This book will tell you the personal journeys of people around the world, how they overcame the struggles of life and stayed focused on the place they were aiming for.

It is true that every day our direction might change but the one thing that is important is that you stay focused on where you are going, conquering the struggles and recognizing the lesson from it. I believe that everyone needs to hear or read someone else’s story to be able to continue through daily struggles. The stories in Volume I and Volume II of Share Your Message are the proof you need to know that you too can make it to the finish line.

Make sure to Share Your Message and learn how you to can help someone through their journey.